Welcome to Masham Players, the North Yorkshire-based amateur dramatic association. We produce comedies and dramas which delight many people, sometimes including our audience. Come along to our next production and laugh with the cast, cry with the prompt and jeer when you don’t win the raffle.

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Tickets are now on sale for 'Head Over Heels by Gail Young.

Live Theatre in Masham

Live Theatre is back in Masham after two years of enforced abstinence. This is Masham Players 75th anniversary year and we are raring to go with this latest production.


 We are pleased to announce that after a two year enforced break, our next show in November 2021 will be the comedy 'Head Over Heels' by Gail Young. 

Warning, this show contains some strong language, adult references and flashing lights.


Next Performance

Our next show is the comedy 'Head Over Heels' by Gail Young and will be on in Masham Town Hall on November 18th to 20th 2021. See 'LATEST NEWS ' for more info.

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